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"Do something TODAY that your future self will be thankful for" ~Unknown

We Are An Award Winning Weightloss Solution!

Hypoxi is Vacuum technology that increases circulation in the lower half of the body.

Gently pedalling or walking throughout your session improves;
* Lymphatic Drainage,
* Promotes Weight Loss,
* Cellulite Reduction,
* Improves Skin Tone &,
* Is proven to be 3 x as effective as traditional exercise!
You can expect to drop a dress or pants size in as little as 4 weeks.


Don't Just take our word for it...

  • Deborah Morgan
    I had a great experience and the girls were very nice and helpful. HYPOXI definitely helped me on my weight loss journey.
    Deborah Morgan
  • Toni McCauley

    22nd Nov 2017

    I just want to say how wonderful all the girls are, Mel, Bec, Kylie and Gabby. As soon as you walk through the door the girls great you with a they remember all our names I'll never know. Always professional and happy to have a chat about everything and anything....they even know if you've had a bad day or feeling like crap. I would recommend Narellan Hypoxi to any man or woman that wants to lose weight in a very happy, relaxed, professional atmosphere.

    Toni McCauley
  • Kirsty Neal

    21st Nov 2017

    I love all the girls at Narellan, such a caring and supportive team.

    So happy with my results!

    Kirsty Neal
  • Jen Lowger

    19th Nov 2017

    Started back at hypoxi after having my one year son Hypoxi works for me so well and makes my blood circulation work much better and targets them hard areas I have after having my kids The staff are beautiful and always there to help me in anyway

    Jen Lowger
  • Teresa Aloi

    20th Nov 2017

    Thank you to Mel and her amazing staff for their professionalism and knowledge & just making us feel amazing at Narellan Hypoxi. I love that fact you can target your weight loss areas AND it works. The girls are always there to help you with your diet, exercise nothing is a problem. Thankyou Narellan Hypoxi team

    Teresa Aloi
  • Bonita Hancock

    20th Nov 2017

    Amazing service , the girls go above and beyond with great support and customer service ! Fantastic results as well as all doing health benefits Highly recommend hypoxi Narellan �

    Bonita Hancock
  • Sandra Mascarenas

    February 17, 2014 ·

    Thank you narellan hypoxi for helping me achieve my weight loss goals! In 18 sessions I've lost 50cm and 3.5kg could not be happier!

    Sandra Mascarenas
  • Chloe Hughes

    September 24, 2015 ·

    Super happy with my results. I've done 6 sessions and have lost 1.8kg and lost 40cms.

    Chloe Hughes
  • Deanna George

    December 2, 2016 ·

    I thought Hypoxi was a load of crap but after 2 weeks I have had great results. I will definitely be back for more. The staff are great and very helpful

    Deanna George
  • Karina Acosta

    December 2, 2016 ·

    Have been doing hypoxi now for 2 weeks, had my first weigh in and what a loss, super excited to continue with the great results.

    Ladies here are great and very motivational!

    Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to give it a go.

    Karina Acosta
  • Carly Campbell

    October 20  2017

    Love Mel and her team they are very supportive and helpful and I’m having great results using their products ,heat wrap and the bike couldn’t ask for a better group of girls to be doing this journey with

    Carly Campbell
  • Jeanette Griffiths

    April 25 ·

    I have been to Hypoxi 4 times over the past 3 years. I ❤️ it and tell as many people I know how good it is. FREE trial available, Go for it ! NO baggy skin NO cellulite I Iook fabulous ? going from 109kg to 70kg over the past 4 years, 5kg away from my goal & Hypoxi has Sculpture my body & given me a beautiful figure. ?

    Jeanette Griffiths
  • June 30  2017

    So just wanted to let you know that finally today out of necessity I exchanged my old and quite baggy uniform to new ones and dropped a dress size for all my pieces. Of course, I have known for ages from consistent weighing and measuring that my results were great, my uniform is the final confirmation of that and of course, the mirror doesn't lie. Things I love about Hypoxi Narellan *nutrition and health knowledge * it's quick(and I'm time poor) •pre-booked appointment times (but flexible when I need it) *its an easy 25-30 minute pedal (although you do work up a sweat) *if you've booked the double sessions (which I did the first round of 12), the heat wrap and the HDC is a highlight *and last but not least Melissa and her team of five are very hands-on, encouraging and informative "Wellness Coaches" with a wealth of knowledge about all things health and beauty. This unique studio is a "one-stop-shop" for all your health and beauty essentials Thank you

  • Emma Kate Yule

    20th Nov 2017·

    I have started Hypoxi after having my son 16 months ago. It is fantastic to know I am finally scheduling some me-time 3 times a week. Excited to see what results we get over the next 8 weeks! Thank you To Mel and your amazingly friendly and supportive staff for encouraging me to pedal harder and keep up with the health food choices.

    Emma Kate Yule
  • Wendy Pratt

    “Hypoxi has given me

    the BEST Results” After trying lots of gyms Narellan Hypoxi has given me the best results, dresses fit me much better and I feel Energised. The staff are brilliant. Thanks

    Wendy Pratt
  • Melissa Kirk

    “After Only 2 weeks at Hypoxi

    with Melissa’s Help

    I have Lost 2.6kg + 41cm” Before finding Melissa at Narellan Hypoxi I felt overweight & extremely unhappy. After 2 weeks I already lost 2.6kg & 41cm. And already have a better understanding of what to eat to keep my weight down. Thanks

    Melissa Kirk
  • Dwayne Jenkins

    “Recommend to Anyone” Professionalism, service, and results at Narellan Hypoxi are fantastic! I lost 25cm in 2 weeks.

    I’m ecstatic with results.

    Dwayne Jenkins
  • Kylie Campanelli

    “Before Hypoxi I felt

    Tired & Unhealthy” Hypoxi is AWESOME. I have lost 5.4kg +53cm in 4 weeks I now look and feel great

    and have so much more energy Thanks

    Kylie Campanelli
  • Tenille Rullis
    “Hypoxi has been a life changing experience for me” Hypoxi for me has been a life changing experience I have lost 48cm across my body and with the right eating I am now living & happier than ever. Hypoxi Narellan is the best place to be for a life changing experience & Mel & her staff are an amazing bunch of women who constantly assist you in everyway. Thanks
    Tenille Rullis
Pru resized

Pru loves the Upright Bike (S120)

monette fb resized

Monette loves the added technology of the HDC that is relaxing, accentuates Lymphatic Drainage and increases skin tone (in a massage sensation)

eman resized

New Mum Eman, loves the lay down bike technology (L250)

Peter gets great results from the Vacunaut Suit

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The world has been programmed that to believe to obtain physical results the motto has to be “no pain-no gain”. Lucky for you that no longer has to be true. Movement is movement and if done in a designed, proven and safe way, your results will be amazing.

Hypoxi has been proven to allow results from low impact but high outcome exercise programs, allowing fat to drain and be reduced in stubborn areas through gentle movement, increased circulation and lymphatic drainage. After being in Australia for 15 years- Hypoxi has proved itself not to be a passing fad and is 3 x as effective as traditional exercise and especially suited for ALL fitness or unfit levels.


Nutrition is about eating the right thing at the right time of the day-SIMPLES!

It’s not about constantly telling yourself you are on a diet, which promotes sacrifice and deprivation. Your body needs food to survive so we will teach you how to have a happy healthy relationship with food, whilst increasing your wellness, energy and weight loss. Nutrition is easy- understanding the truth around marketing is what’s hard. We will teach you the secrets to become your own best dietician.

Rest & Recovery

There are no results possible in a body that lives in constant fatigue- it’s a fact. Consistent exercise and going 100 miles per hour is NOT your answer to a healthy mind or body.

You mind, body, muscles and digestive system need rest to revive, recuperate and reinvigorate. Understanding the importance of this will dramatically change your weight loss and wellness results.

Mental Wellbeing

Every result you obtain or don’t fulfill in your life is triggered by your mental wellbeing. Having a healthy outlook and accepting time out for your self has been the life- changing factor for many clients.

We all need exercise, good nutrition, healthy food and a healthy mind for optimum wellness. Let us show you how our environment gives you the best of it all.

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Narellan Hypoxi is the only accredited Hypoxi studio in Campbelltown / Camden area

We have been established for over 8 years!It started as a dream to help locals change their bodies, minds and lifestyle. The gratification comes on a daily basis from the results we constantly achieve. We have a boutique style environment with 4 Qualified coaches and cater to the needs of women and men. We believe that your satisfaction will be guaranteed. Once you start, you'll never want to leave..

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