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    For those of you that are new to the concept of HYPOXI, let me explain a little.
    Hypoxi is suited to most people, but the question is- are you suited to Hypoxi? Read on & Apply now if you are serious about finding out.

    Hypoxi is a revolutionary way of losing weight, reducing cellulite and promoting wellness.

    It is exercise but in a very gentle way- so we will tell and show you things that break what you know to be the status quo.

    It is

  • *Proven
  • *Scientific
  • *Targeted
  • *Gentle
  • *Fun
  • *Quick
  • *Easy
  • *Appointment based
  • *Perfect for the time-poor
  • *& totally safe....

  • ​The technology allows us to provide you with LOW IMPACT exercise with HIGH OUTCOME RESULTS.

    ​Programs are tailored to each individual and only requires a 30 min x 3 sessions per week commitment (all on an appointment base to fit in with your busy schedule). Some sessions will have you in studio for 1 hour x 3x per week (but that will be your choice).

    ​We offer our service in a boutique-style environment which means you are only in a room with 1-2 other people at a time. You are always fully clothed, not exposed to floor to ceiling mirrors, and have a personal coach at your service EVERYTIME.

    ​We are also proud of the fact that out of 12200 local businesses, we were chosen as the WINNER from 12 other fitness services.

    Also out of 90 Australia wide Hypoxi Studios,we are the #1 in National Customer service.

    ​Our CEO Melissa has also been nominated as an Australian Mumpreneur Finalist, with our studio ranking 1/7 Australia wide in Wellness & Wellbeing, and currently a FINALIST in MY BUSINESS AWARDS- still to be judged.

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    ​Hypoxi is suited to men and women.

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