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Cosmetic Tattooing

I Will Create For You
The Glamorous and Youthful Make-Over You’ve Always Wished For,
But Didn’t Think You Could Afford

I have been a qualified and competent Cosmetic Tattooist for 19 years and a Para-Medical Aesthetician for over 28 years. I did 2 years training via correspondence from America, trained on PIG SKIN for 2 years prior to touching a human and then completed advanced training from Val-Glover Hovan, pioneer of Cosmetic Tattooing in Australia.

I have worked in Cosmetic Surgeons offices, and have recently become part of the team at Dr Lim’s Parramatta office of Plastic Surgery, and have recently relocated to “Narellan Hypoxi & Wellness Centre” in Narellan. This helps me service the whole Macarthur & Southern Highlands Region, and helps you not only have a “Facial Transformation” but assist you with a “Body Transformation” too. I am still one of the lucky practitioners with credibility that receives many referrals from Doctors,Cosmetic Physicians and Beauty Therapists.

I have managed other peoples businesses, owned and operated my own, and have international clients. Most of my work (especially in the last 12 months) has unfortunately been fixing up other practitioners mistakes. These mistakes happen due to under qualified, cheap practitioners, working on the theory of quantity instead of quality.

I use high quality pigments, topical anaesthetics, and everything apart from the electrics of the machine are totally disposable.

My Cosmetic Tattooing services include “eyebrow tattooing” to perfect and correct eyebrow shapes, “eyeliner tattooing” to highlight and define your eyes, and “full lip tattooing” to add colour, shape and fullness to fading and shrinking lips.

My general feedback from my clients is that these treatments “are the BEST THINGS they have ever had done, and most of them wish that they had done it YEARS ago!!”

I do all of these treatments singley, but am renowned for my “Full Facial Transformations”. Complete your makeover and look and feel 10 years younger... without the astronomical price tags...

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Spray Tan
Tan Your Skin Beautifully
Safely All Year Round!

At Narellan Hypoxi our concept is wellness.... so we get that having a tan makes you look and feel better but doing it the traditional way is detrimental to you and your skin...

So we have made available a tan that is safe but also PRIVATE.

Our California Tan Spray Booth is fully automated and in a Private environment.

We have Light Medium and Dark tans available.

All tans only need to process on your skin for 1-2 hours and smells divine.

The booth tans you in 6 seconds and within 2 minutes you are dry and can get dressed.

From experience, this is the most even tan, and most natural looking.

Call TODAY and look and feel healthier (without damaging your skin).


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