on becoming a mum.Welcome to the world of joy, love , hard work and if you allow it- continual sacrifice.

Babies and children deserve your undying love and nurturing, but you are important too.

If you're ready to commit at least half an hour to yourself 3 x per week, Hypoxi could be the gentle, targeted, proven and easy program you have been looking for (with the benefits of being able to bring bub with you).

If you are wanting to lose weight, reduce cellulite or just want to feel well again, you need to apply now to see if you are eligible to Win a Mummy Session.

Limited positions per week, so let's try and make now -YOUR TIME....

It was " Mum's & Bubs" morning and Eman has lost 3.4kg + 36cm in 2 weeks.
As a new mum it's important to also care for yourself, and with Hypoxi you can train while bub is in the pram next to you

 "New Mum Prue"  lost 37cm + 1.2 kg in 6 sessions on our S120, and is right on track to regain her "Pre Baby Body by Spring"!.

When did you have your baby?
Have you had Drs clearance to exercise?
Did you or do you have any post natal issues?
If you WIN a Mummy Session , can you participate in the next 3-5 days?
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